The top 8 things all Ozzi Kleen HSTP owners should know

The top 8 things all Ozzi Kleen HSTP owners should know

The top 8 things all Ozzi Kleen HSTP owners should know

Date: 22-Aug-2023

Are you the proud owner of a brand new Ozzi Kleen house sewerage treatment plant? Perhaps you haven’t yet committed to an Ozzi Kleen system and you are simply doing research to make sure an Ozzi Kleen is the best option for you. Either way, we have pulled together the list of top 8 things that we believe that all Ozzi Kleen owners need to know. 

1. Only flush pee, poo & toilet paper (The rule of the 3 P’s)

Your Ozzi Kleen house sewerage treatment plant is an exceptionally reliable and functional  ‘sewerage treatment plant’, designed to treat the waste water and sewerage from your home or business. Your Ozzi Kleen sewerage treatment plant is not designed to treat anything other than pee, poo and toilet paper, so by introducing foreign objects (such as sanitary items, tissues or baby wipes)  into your Ozzi Kleen you risk damaging your plant and compromising its function.

2. You don't have to use 'septic safe' cleaning products or be concerned by the use of antibiotics! 

If you have upgraded from a traditional septic tank or another brand of sewerage treatment plant, you have likely spent many hours reading the containers of household cleaning products and toiletries ensuring that they are ‘septic safe’.

No such restrictions apply to Ozzi Kleen sewage treatment systems. The Ozzi Kleen RP10 sewerage system is perfectly capable of processing these into harmless compounds which means you can confidently use most products found on the supermarket shelves with peace of mind that it will not affect the systems performance. 

Furthermore, antibiotics pose no problem! Bacteria are an essential component in breaking down waste. In a traditional septic system, the breakdown of waste is reliant upon anaerobic bacteria, which can be destroyed by antibiotics. The Ozzi Kleen RP10 non-septic system, is an aerobic system, not reliant upon anaerobic bacteria thus ensuring it is unaffected by antibiotics under prescribed use.

3. Your system will require quarterly servicing by a licensed provider

Your Ozzi Kleen HSTP will require quarterly servicing to be undertaken by a licenced service provider. Once your service is completed, your licenced service technician will provide results from the tests for water purity and system efficiency to yourself and submit them to your local council. 

We have a comprehensive list of Ozzi Kleen service providers, click through now to find your nearest Ozzi Kleen service agent. 

4. Flushable wipes are NOT flushable 

There are many products on the market that claim to be flushable. Products such as flushable wipes and flushable kitty litter are two of our pet peeves. Both products, whether you have a sewerage treatment system or council sewerage are not actually safe to flush, and are likely to cause blockages within your sewerage pipes or your sewerage treatment plant. Once again, we’ll remind you of point 1 above, the rule of the three P’s - only flush pee, poo and (toilet) paper!

5. You should scrape as much debris and grease off your plate as possible

Much like you shouldn’t flush anything but the 3 P’s down your loo, you need to ensure that you are not introducing solids into your drains and sewerage treatment plant. When we say solids, don’t let grease trick you, while it may run off a plate and down the drain when you rinse it with hot water, as soon as it hits cold water, it will solidify once more, blocking your drains and sewerage treatment plant. 

We recommend that before you rinse your plates and pans, you scrape all grease and solids off the plate into your bin. In the event that you have lots of grease in your frying pan (post lamb chops or bacon), it may pay to let your pan cool down completely and use your egg flip to scrape all of the now solid grease out of your pan. 

6. You'll always have beautifully green lawns and gardens as your Ozzi Kleen is constantly producing nutrient rich water to reuse on gardens 

Each Ozzi Kleen installation will have a  customised land application area where your Ozzi Kleen treated water is pumped out. Whether your land application area is via a sub surface irrigation system, or a sprinkler system, you will have healthy green lawns and gardens year round thanks to the consistent supply of odourless nutrient rich water from your Ozzi Kleen sewerage treatment system. 

7. Tested to the highest standard

Every Ozzi Kleen in manufactured to the highest standard right here in Australia. The system has been tested to the latest Australian standard AS/NZ 1546.3 2017 and has achieved the highest quality of treatment in Australia (advanced secondary with nutrient reduction).  Ozzi Kleen also has its ISO9001 so not only are you getting a product designed and manufactured in Australia but you can be assured it is to the highest quality, as has been for the last 40 years.

8. It's really hard to flood your system (you have a 1000L buffer), so many loads of washing, extra guests or emptying a spa bath won't cause an issue with your system

If you have a large family, teenagers who like long hot showers,a spa bath with substantial capacity or if you undertake excessive loads of washing (hairdressers, pool owners and parents of teenagers, we are looking at you), the Ozzi Kleen house sewerage treatment system is able to comfortably keep up with your excess water usage. 

While some systems are able to be flooded in the event that they experience a high influx of water over a short period of time, your Ozzi Kleen house sewerage treatment system has a 1000L buffer, protecting your system during times of heavy use!

If you require any assistance in relation to your Ozzi Kleen HSTP, or if you would like to request a quote for a new system, please contact us on 1800 450 767  

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