Meet Darren Larsen: The backbone of Ozzi Kleen's domestic service operations

Meet Darren Larsen: The backbone of Ozzi Kleen's domestic service operations

Meet Darren Larsen: The backbone of Ozzi Kleen's domestic service operations

Date: 20-May-2024

Darren Larsen is the backbone of Ozzi Kleen's domestic service operations. As the Domestic Service Supervisor, he plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the daily activities of the domestic service technicians, ensuring smooth operations and unparalleled customer service. Darren's responsibilities span from providing technical support to technicians and customers alike, to overseeing installations, breakdowns, and repairs in the commercial sector.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Darren is renowned as the go-to guru for older systems. His knack for fault-finding and troubleshooting has earned him the reputation of being able to fix anything thrown his way. Additionally, he undertakes onsite poly welding jobs and confined space tasks, showcasing his versatility and hands-on approach.

Darren's commitment to excellence extends beyond daily operations. He actively participates in site inspections for homeowners, offering valuable advice to ensure the optimal functioning of their systems. Moreover, he spearheads the recruitment and training of new technicians, imparting his knowledge and skills to the next generation of Ozzi Kleen professionals.

24 years and Counting

Darren's journey with Ozzi Kleen began 24 years ago, marking a significant milestone in his career progression. Starting as a tank assembler, he quickly ascended the ranks, demonstrating unparalleled dedication and aptitude. His transition to the role of Domestic Service Supervisor is a testament to his exceptional leadership and problem-solving abilities.

A Day in the Life of Darren Larsen:

Darren's day at Ozzi Kleen is characterised by its dynamic nature. From providing phone support and coordinating technician schedules to conducting onsite problem-solving sessions, each day presents a unique set of challenges. Darren's routine involves a blend of administrative tasks, technical support, and hands-on problem-solving, reflecting the multifaceted nature of his role.

Work Superpower: Problem-Solving Prodigy

Darren's work superpower lies in his innate ability to solve problems and fix any issues that arise. With a keen eye for detail and a wealth of technical knowledge, he approaches every challenge with confidence and determination. While few systems have posed insurmountable challenges, Darren's persistence and resourcefulness ensure that solutions are always within reach.

The Joy of Working at Ozzi Kleen:

For Darren, the most rewarding aspect of working at Ozzi Kleen is the inherent variety and challenge that each day brings. The opportunity to problem-solve and make a tangible difference in customers' lives is what fuels his passion for his work. Moreover, the supportive and collaborative environment fostered by Ozzi Kleen makes every day enjoyable and fulfilling.

Photos of Darren are few and far between, but we couldn't go past including this one. Darren is a mad keen Sydney Roosters supporter. Very bravely, in 2019 (or thereabouts) he attended a game between the Roosters and Broncos at Suncorp Stadium dressed as a Sydney Rooster. Sadly for Darren the Roosters lost, but he assured us that nothing can ruin the night of a handsome rooster!

What Ozzi Kleen Means to Darren:

Ozzi Kleen represents more than just a workplace for Darren—it's a source of stability, camaraderie, and personal growth. The company's commitment to its employees' well-being and professional development is evident in its supportive culture and unwavering dedication to excellence. Darren values the opportunity to contribute to a team that prioritises both individual success and collective achievement.

In Darren Larsen, Ozzi Kleen has found a dedicated leader whose passion for excellence and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction elevates the company's standards. His journey from humble beginnings to a pivotal leadership role is a testament to his perseverance and exceptional talent. As Ozzi Kleen continues to thrive and innovate, Darren remains an invaluable asset, driving the company forward with his expertise and dedication.

Darren’s colleagues had the following to say: 

Darren Larsen is a highly knowledgeable technician who contributes enormously to the Ozzi Kleen Commercial and Domestic Service Departments with his technical expertise, and complex problem solving abilities.  Darren has a wealth of experience having racked up over 20 years in production and servicing – he’s seen, built,  or done it all!  Darren doesn’t hesitate to share his knowledge and time with others.  Darren is reliable, dependable and a steadfast allrounder.  It is a privilege to work with Darren and I learn from him everyday.  

Jade Blee, Commercial Service Coordinator

"Meet Darren Larsen, our very own magician at Ozzi Kleen! 🎩 From single-handedly building commercial systems on site to expertly servicing RP10, Darren is a true master of plastic welding. His skills are unmatched, and his dedication to his craft is truly admirable. Plus, he's just a downright good bloke! 🌟 #PlasticWeldingWizard #SkilledProfessional #GreatGuy"

Scott Humberstone, Assistant General Manager

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