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Only 1% of the world’s water is usable fresh water

Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world, with future predictions to become even drier. Australians are also one of the largest per capita consumers of water, using good drinkable water on things like watering the garden, washing the car and flushing the toilet. This amounts to nearly half the water that we use. By installing a rain harvesting system to run your toilet and for outdoor use, you can save 30–40% of your mains water consumption.

Ozzi Kleen rain water tank makes perfect sense, and a UV resistant food grade roto-moulded poly tank is your best choice

Ozzi Kleen rain water tanks are available in round or slimline styles and many colours, these rain water tanks are a wiser choice than a heavy lime leaching concrete tank or an Iron tank which are susceptible rust. Ozzi Kleen rainwater tanks and rainwater harvesting systems are lightweight so can be lifted into place without the need for a machine.

Big savings on your water supply

By installing a rain harvesting system to run your toilet and for outdoor use, you can save 30–40% of your mains water consumption. When you look at it, a rain water tank makes perfect sense, and a UV resistant food grade roto-moulded poly tank is your best choice.

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If you are connected to town water, there has never been a better time to start saving yourself some money and do your bit for the environment by investing in an Ozzi Kleen Rainwater Tank for your home.

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Ozzi Kleen Underground Rainwater Tanks are designed to catch water from the roof area so that it can be used to supply water for toilets, laundry, garden watering, washing the car, external taps and more.

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The answer to water storage in the urban environment

The Ozzi Kleen RW5000 allows small urban blocks the convenience of rainwater storage with a space-saving unobtrusive tank.

Underground Rainwater gives your backyard back!

The rotational moulded polyethylene construction is weight for weight 100 times stronger than concrete. Construction is seamless which ensures there is no risk of leaking or root intrusion. The systems design ensures child prevention, in that it has a hard to access opening.

The unique design of the First Flush Diverter incorporated within the tank, which diverts the first amount of water received from a rainfall, ridding it of any dust, bird/animal droppings, mould spores/bacteria, concentrated tannic acid, heavy metal deposits and other airborne debris which has settled on the roof between rain periods, ensures every drop of water is as fresh as the next!

With a design that allows the addition of more tanks, means the capacity is determined by the space you have underground.

You can go past an Ozzi Kleen Underground Rainwater Tank, with a 5000L capacity, that's smart and out of sight!

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The Ozzi Kleen Underground Rainwater Tank is 2.7m high x 1.95m diameter and weighs approximately 350kg - making it quick, easy and economical to install in comparison to a concrete tank.

These rainwater harvesting systems are ideal to install on all new homes and can be conveniently be put under driveways out of the way.


Does a manual come with the Ozzi Kleen RW5000/RW Deluxe?

Yes. An Owner's Manual will be supplied with every system.

How far away from the house does it have to be?

There is no minimum or maximum distance required.

How much does a rain water system cost?

Contact your local Ozzi Kleen distributor who can quote the system to meet your requirements.

How much does the Ozzi Kleen Underground Rainwater Tank hold?

An Ozzi Kleen Rainwater Tank holds 5000L, however these tanks have been designed to easily link multiple tanks together to achieve the desired capacity. One control tank is connected to a series of extra storage (slave) tanks.

Who will install my rainwater tank?

The Ozzi Kleen RW5000/RW Deluxe must be installed by a licensed plumber. Your licensed plumber is required to complete and sign the installation certificate supplied with the tank for warranty purposes. Or contact your local Ozzi Kleen distributor.

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