Maintenance of your Ozzi Kleen wastewater treatment - sewerage system

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Why does my Ozzi Kleen system need servicing?

The Ozzi Kleen sewage system is a single tank treatment plant using a cyclic, aerobic treatment process, designed to treat all your household wastewater.

All local authorities require all types of domestic sewage treatment plants to undergo regular servicing and testing.

The Ozzi Kleen RP10 wastewater treatment process is factory precision-set to give reliable operation.

A periodical 3 month service is to be performed by an Ozzi Kleen RP10 qualified service personnel. At this time a range of performance and water quality tests are performed. Just like a car requires servicing – so does your Ozzi Kleen RP10 to ensure safe and efficient operation.

A report of this service is sent to your local authority with a copy also issued to you as the Ozzi Kleen RP10 owner. A maintenance log book is kept in the control box of the Ozzi Kleen RP10 sewage treatment system to record the history of the system, both for the owner’s and the service person’s reference.

How do these services benefit me?

Although required by your local authority, your 3 monthly services in many ways offer you a “Preventive Maintenance Schedule”, which can help improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned maintenance activity helping to minimize breakdowns and excessive depreciation. In its simplest form your 3 monthly services can be compared to the service schedule for a car.

What costs are involved?

As the tests that are required to be performed differ from state to state, and local authority, please check the service fee and cost of chlorine (and Aluminium Sulphate if you have an advanced secondary system) with your local Green Card accredited service agent (see list ). In short for each 3 monthly service you will be invoiced a service fee plus the cost of chlorine (and Aluminium Sulphate if applicable) If you have any queries please feel free to contact our head office on 1800 450 767 Nation Wide.

We recommend you engage an Ozzi Kleen Green Card accredited Service Provider to give you personnel with best product knowledge and complying with the Manufacturer’s Warranty Statement

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Ozzi Kleen Servicing Facts

Ozzi Kleen wastewater treatment systems are unique in that there are no septic processes used in treatment. The Ozzi Kleen wastewater system is completely aerobic which allows you to use most off the shelf disinfectants and cleaners in your household.

As the manufacturer of the Ozzi Kleen treatment systems, we would like to bring your attention to the correct procedures for the servicing of your system in line with our accreditation.

Suncoast Waste Water Management, manufacturers of Ozzi Kleen Water and Waste Water products, conducts in-house training courses to our Service Providers who are issued with an OZZI KLEEN GREEN CARD which is to be renewed every two years.

To keep your system in a healthy condition we have listed below certain criteria for the servicing of your Ozzi Kleen treatment system

  • A SV test is performed on the main tank. This is a settling test to determine the sludge levels in your system
  • The mesh basket is to remain in the effluent chamber after cleaning and placed back on hook provided
  • The effluent chamber is tested for clarity, and if required it is to be pumped out (and cleaned) back into the main aeration tank
  • Motor box & chamber lid fittings must be secure for safety reasons
  • The decanting head should always remain level
  • Only approved Ozzi Kleen parts should be installed in your system
  • Air Blower filter is to be removed and cleaned at every service
  • Main tank walls and fittings should be washed down at every service, if permitted