Residential Pump Stations

MODELS SPS220, SPS300, SPS350, SPS500, SPS500D, SPS1000, SPS1500, SPS1500D, SPS4000, SPS4000D

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Pump waste to your treatment plant, holding tank or septic

The Ozzi Kleen pump station range have been designed for any situation where sewerage or surface water needs pumping to a main connection or on-site treatment plant. Our systems are lightweight and easy to transport. They have been designed for easy operation and require only simple pipe and power connections on-site.

Pump stations can be purchased from our standard range or can be custom designed to suit specific site requirements and will take into consideration inflow, total pumping head, storage capacity requirements, size of rising main pipework, power supply available and Local Authority regulations. All Ozzi Kleen commercial sewage treatment or water treatment systems come equipped with an Ozzi Kleen pump station.

Ozzi Kleen Pump Stations offer

  • Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and install
  • 200L to 5000L in a variety of shapes and sizes and colours
  • Single piece design
  • No root intrusion
  • Does not crack or corrode like steel and concrete
  • 15 year warranty on all tanks
  • Designed for above or below ground use
  • Can be incorporated into multiple systems
  • Easily modifiable to suit any specifications including Mine Spec
  • Multiple pump configurations available
  • Multiple controllers available to suit your application
  • Telemetry and strobe light alarm system available
  • Can transfer liquids from zero fall ground level to 2 meter invert level

Ozzi Kleen Pump Stations are used everywhere

  • Camping & caravan parks
  • Commercial & industrial complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Mining & construction sites
  • Motels/Hotels
  • Schools
  • Shopping centres
  • Sporting facilities
  • Residential dwellings

Made from tough polyethylene

Ozzi Kleen pump stations are unobtrusive, durable and reliable with minimal installation time and costs involved.

All Ozzi Kleen Pump Stations come with a welded Akatherm inlet to accept DWV PVC pipe in the size to suit your application as well as a 50mm Uniseal outlet.

Optional extras include non return valves, ball valves, pipework, guiderail kits, and poly valve enclosures to suit your application.


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New South Wales  Download South Australian Pump Station / Pump Sumps approval
South Australia Download NSW Pump well & Collection Well approval document
Northern Territory Download NT Pump Stations approval document