Toll Logistics

Toll Logistics

Toll Logistics contacted Ozzi Kleen looking for a solution to their mobile camp waste water needs. The brief was to provide a sewage treatment system for up to 6,000 litres, or 30 people, per day. A requirement for the new system was that it could be mounted or demountable on a trailer. The sewage treatment system also needed to comply with mine site requirements around Australia.

A further requirement was that the system could be used for emergency relief situations.

The solution was simple. Ozzi Kleen designed a transportable skid mounted sewage treatment system that locks into the trailer. Lighting and platforms were also included based on Toll Logistics requirements.

The waste water effluent was designed to an advanced level allowing for above ground irrigation.

Toll Logistics have been able to pack the system up within an hour to relocate to new sites.

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