Meet Tony: The Dedicated Stores Manager at Ozzi Kleen

Meet Tony: The Dedicated Stores Manager at Ozzi Kleen

Meet Tony: The Dedicated Stores Manager at Ozzi Kleen

Date: 17-Apr-2024

Allow me to introduce Tony, the backbone of our stores operations at Ozzi Kleen. With 17 years of dedicated service under his belt, Tony has become an indispensable part of our team. As the Stores Manager, Tony's responsibilities are multifaceted. From overseeing daily store operations to managing inventory, sales, warranties, and stock control, Tony ensures the smooth functioning of our store. Additionally, he leads a team of two other employees, Jason, who has been with us for 2-3 years, and Goz, our reliable delivery driver of almost 12 months.

While Tony's role has remained consistent over the years, he has witnessed significant growth within the company. In the early days, he also managed production, but as the business expanded, a dedicated production manager was appointed. Drawing from his background in plumbing supplies, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role, having worked in the industry since leaving school at the age of 15.

A crucial aspect of Tony's role involves liaising directly with our agents and distributors, providing technical advice on irrigation matters and spare parts. His deep understanding of our products and their applications makes him a valuable resource for both our team and our clients

When asked about his tenure at Ozzi Kleen, Tony chuckles and remarks, "Too bloody long!" Indeed, July marks his 17th year with us. Despite his humorous response, Tony expresses genuine satisfaction with his role. The proximity to home, favourable working hours, and positive work environment make Ozzi Kleen a place he's proud to call home. He appreciates the camaraderie among colleagues and embraces the challenges that come with the job.

A typical day for Tony at Ozzi Kleen is anything but ordinary. From the moment he steps into the store, he's greeted with a flurry of tasks. Job cards await his attention, orders need to be packed, trucks require unloading and loading, and customers queue at the counter or ring through on the phone. Warranty returns and technical inquiries also demand his expertise.

Despite the chaos, Tony approaches each challenge with a calm demeanour, his extensive product and plumbing knowledge serving as his superpower. While others may spend time deliberating over solutions, Tony's ability to swiftly identify the ideal parts or remedies sets him apart. His knack for simplifying complex issues and providing practical solutions is invaluable to colleagues and customers alike. Tony can swiftly assess the situation and offer the perfect solution within seconds. He takes pride in being everyone's go-to technical problem solver at Ozzi Kleen. When asked about his work superpower, Tony modestly attributes it to his deep product and plumbing knowledge.

For Tony, the joy of working at Ozzi Kleen lies in the combination of belief in the product and the camaraderie among colleagues. He takes pride in being part of a team that believes in the quality and effectiveness of our products. Moreover, the positive work environment, characterised by mutual respect and support, makes each day enjoyable. Tony emphasises the importance of liking the people you work with, and at Ozzi Kleen, he's found a second family.

In Tony's eyes, Ozzi Kleen represents more than just a workplace—it's a stable environment offering job security and a sense of belonging. As a family-based business, Ozzi Kleen fosters a supportive atmosphere where employees feel valued and respected. For Tony, this sense of belonging and fulfilment is what makes Ozzi Kleen more than just a job; it's a place he genuinely enjoys being a part of.

Tony's dedication and expertise are invaluable assets to Ozzi Kleen. With his wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring our continued success. As we look towards the future, we're grateful to have Tony as an integral member of our team, driving us towards greater heights.

What Tony’s colleagues have to say: 

I have worked side by side with Tony for the last 4+ years.  His plumbing and irrigation knowledge is second to none and I have learnt an extensive amount working along side him.  His knowledge and experience is invaluable to the company.  Tony is also very easy to get along with and a genuine good bloke.  Ozzi Kleen is lucky to have such a valuable, trusted employee.

Jason White

I have worked with Tony now for 15 years. His work ethic and passion to assist colleagues and customers at every opportunity is unwavering. With his extensive knowledge, problem-solving skills and cheerful personality, he has gained the utmost respect of all who interact with him.

Jenny Fogerty
Branch Coordinator

Tony is a highly valued manager within Ozzi Kleen.

As staff move on, and gaps appear, I have come to rely on Tony’s years of experience and knowledge of Ozzi Kleen’s processes to get us back on track.

Tony is always ready to help and assist, in any situation or area within the company.

So much so, if Tony does not know where it is, or how to fix it – it didn’t exist!

Roger Potter
QA Officer / Draftsman

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